The 4th Annual Pittsburgh Grass Open will take place on Saturday July 27th, 2019


Pittsburgh Grass Volleyball is excited to announce the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Grass Open, a one-day grass doubles volleyball event created by grass volleyball players, for grass volleyball players, featuring men's and women's divisions from BB thru Open.  As for where it will take place, our partnership with Allegheny County Parks has allowed us access again to the historic and scenic venue at the South Park Oval AKA “South Park Fairgrounds” located in South Park, Pennsylvania.  The inspiration to start Pittsburgh Grass Volleyball came from years of attending the Pottstown Rumble Volleyball Tournament, therefore, we follow the same format/rules as they do.  Old school rules.  Side out scoring.  No net serves. 

When:  Saturday July 27th, 9:00AM-9:00PM (check-in is 8:00AM)

Where:  1801 Buffalo Drive South Park, PA 15129 (can also type “South Park Oval” into Google Maps).  Parking is available up above the field or in the parking areas on Corrigan located to the right of the field (if you're up above the field looking down).

Ages:  18+ (required)

Cost:  $70/team

Teams:  85 total teams/spaces available

Divisions:  *Men's - Open (expert), AA (advanced), A (intermediate), BB (beginner)

*Women's - Open (expert), AA (advanced), A (intermediate), BB (beginner)

*If you're wondering what division to chose, please send us a text (412-760-7656) or message us on Facebook or Instagram before registering. We will not stand for sandbagging and you won’t be allowed to advance to the playoffs if we find that you are. As a general rule of thumb, whatever division you play at the Rumble, you can play up 1 division at the Pittsburgh Grass Open (ie if you normally play “A” at the Rumble, go with “AA” at the Pittsburgh Grass Open).

Food/Drink: Just like the Pittsburgh Grass Open last year (2018), we will have a food truck onsite that will be selling food, starting around lunchtime and planning to serve food thru dinner. There is also a public water fountain onsite, so don’t plan on having to leave the venue for food/water. We will not be selling ice though, so plan on bringing your own.

Giving back:  Giving back to the community and Pittsburgh in general is extremely important to us.  As we've done every year, a portion of the money we collect will be given to a group or charity in need.  We are absolutely open to suggestions from participants, so please contact us with ideas. 

Other rules: We will play RAIN OR SHINE.  No refunds
-You must sign our waiver whenever you check-in the morning of the tournament, to compete
-Alcohol/smoking is prohibited at the field. No exceptions. Keep in mind, the Allegheny County Police building is right across the street from the field. If you’re found smoking or drinking alcohol, you will promptly be asked to leave and not allowed back.


To reserve your spot for the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Grass Open on Saturday 7/27/19, you must register below.  Select which division you're signing up for, enter your full name and your correct cell phone number (we will text each registrant to confirm additional details).  Remember it is $70/TEAM.  Only 1 member per team needs to sign up below (the whole amount will be charged to the individual signing up for both team members).  We will text each registrant to get their partners full name and partners cell phone number so we can communicate with all parties before the tournament.  If you don't give a correct full name AND correct cell phone number so we can communicate with you, we will consider your registration null and void.  Remember, we are playing rain or shine.  No refunds. No sandbagging allowed.

*Division (Required)
*Player 1 Full Name (Required)
*Player 1 Cell # (Required)

Contact us with any questions at:


Call us:  412-760-7656

Contact us via "Pittsburgh Grass Volleyball" on Facebook or "pittsburgh_grass_volleyball" on Instagram (links below)